Salis Institute paper-writing scholarships

Salis Institute steps to independence grants

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These scholarships are designed to encourage promising researchers who are doing research that has the potential to improve their field or community. The scholarships allow for free entry to the Salis Institute’s March 2021 Write your paper in 2 weeks training series (5 Zooms). By the end of the 5 Zooms and associated writing tasks in the training series, participants are envisaged to have completed a professionally-structured draft of their paper ready for feedback from their co-authors.

Applications are now closed. Click here to see past grant recipients. The next round will be offered in 2021 (click here if you’d like to be notified when the new round opens). 


These grants of $1000 (AUD) each are designed to help researchers in any field, from any research institution, to gain experience and exposure that will help them get their research known by people outside their immediate circle of colleagues, and to advance it towards the next level (e.g., application of their research by other research groups, or application of their research by non-research organizations).