Past award winners

Salis Institute steps to independence grants

August 2019

Min Liu The University of Melbourne

Min Liu will use this grant to participate in the International Congress on Membranes & Membrane Processes in London in July 2020, where he will present a talk entitled Post-combustion carbon capture using thin-film composite membranes. Whereas the majority of attempts to reduce carbon emissions from factories focus on an energy-intensive amine scrubbing method, Min Liu’s research focuses on using membrane technologies, which are effective and have the advantage of being more cost-effective. Min Liu envisages that by presenting the positive results from his research with thin-film composite membranes to date, more researchers and industries will move towards this approach, potentially helping to reduce carbon  emissions globally.

Thomas Dudek Victoria University of Wellington

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people suffer losses amounting to many billions of dollars due to uninsured properties, putting the uninsured in debt, and in in the worst case threatening the existence of those already living in poor conditions. Thomas Dudek will use this grant to conduct an economics experiment that simulates as realistically as possible, via payment of real money to participants, how people are likely to respond to changes in insurance legislation. His study proposes to investigate the implementation of long-term property insurance contracts, instead of typical annual contracts, with automatic yearly increases of the sum-insured corresponding with value increases of the insured assets (with associated increases in insurance premiums). It is the goal of this and further research to lead to alterations in government policy about insurance schemes that could save the government and their citizens billions of dollars in losses from under-insurance.

Salis Institute paper-writing scholarships July 2019

Jacqueline Gould

South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute

Long-term (7-year) effect of taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements during pregnancy on child neurodevelopment

Jessica Hall

The University of Sydney

Nutrition status of cocoa farming families in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

Diana Raward

Central Queensland University

Parental attributes that contribute to secure attachment between parent and a child with autism