"Amanda has reviewed two of my applications in the last few years, including my application for an NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship, and my application for promotion to Level E (Professor). Her feedback has been fantastic, very targeted, concise and thoughtful. Amanda has an innate ability to understand what review panels want to see, and I have no doubt her feedback has been critical to the success of both of these applications."
Emmanuel Stamatakis
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow | Professor of Physical Activity, Lifestyle, and Population | Health School of Public Health | Faculty of Medicine and Health | The University of Sydney
"I want to thank Prof Amanda Salis for the invaluable assistance she provided on my NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship application. Amanda helped me incorporate my CV into different areas of my application. Her suggestions gave me better ways of expressing myself and helped me create a story that flowed throughout my entire application."
Radhika Seimon
The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders Faculty of Medicine and Health The University of Sydney
"Amanda was instrumental in helping me to write my application for an NHMRC Career Development Award application, which was funded from 2011 to 2014. She showed me how to highlight several aspects of my CV that I had overlooked as being important in an application for a basic research fellowship. For example, she helped me to showcase my past experiences of running a medical team in a hospital in China when I was a junior doctor, to demonstrate my leadership skills and vision. She also helped me to write the research proposal in my application clearly, and to show how all my past experiences made me uniquely positioned to lead my proposed research. I am certain that if it had not been for Amanda’s critical review and feedback on my application drafts, I would not have won this award."
Shu Lin
Distinguished Professor and Executive Director South-West Metabolism and Cardiovascular Research Centre Department of Cardiology Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University China
"Amanda generously reviewed my NHMRC Early Career Fellowship and Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Amanda’s constructive feedback helped me to strategically select evidence from my CV to enhance and support my fellowship narrative"
Stephanie Partridge
NHMRC Early Career Fellow/Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow Accredited Practicing Dietitian Westmead Applied Research Centre and Prevention Research Collaboration Faculty of Medicine and Health The University of Sydney
"Amanda has helped me with several applications, notably my successful NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. Amanda has a unique ability to transforms simple statements into meaningful impact statements that clearly and concisely address assessment criteria. With her feedback, I have learned how to more effectively communicate the 'so what' factor of my work and to highlight how my past, present and planned work link together. Without a doubt, Amanda's feedback has contributed to my success."
Shelly Keating
NHMRC Early Career Fellow School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences The University of Queensland
"Amanda has offered great help with my successful application for the NHMRC Early Career Fellowship. Amanda’s feedback was comprehensive, well-constructed and right to the point. I learnt a lot from her feedback on how to use the best lingo to showcase my academic achievement and research impact in the application. I would highly recommend Amanda for writing winning fellowship applications."
Xingzhong (Jason) Jin
NHMRC Early Career Fellow The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders Faculty of Medicine and Health The University of Sydney
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