Write your paper with personalized feedback

In this training we’ll walk you through 10 steps to help you write your paper, giving you specific feedback on your paper as you go.

What you need

  • Internet access.
  • Earphones (if you’re watching in a shared office).
  • A set of analyzed original research results, ready for write up as a paper.
    • NB: If you don’t yet have data that’s ready to be written up as a paper, you can ask your senior colleagues if they have any unpublished data that they’d allow you to write up as a paper for publication, in exchange for authorship .
  • An electronic copy (PDF) of an original research paper or systematic review – with or without meta-analysis (not a narrative review) on a topic similar to your own, from a journal you’d like to publish your research in.
  • Access to software that enables you to add text and highlighting to PDFs, like the example shown here.
  • The materials listed under the Materials tab at right.
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