Write another paper in 2 weeks

This webinar series is designed for people who’ve completed the previous webinar series (Write your paper in 2 weeks) and who want extra accountability and support to write another paper.

Over the course of 5 live webinars and emailed reminders, Prof. Amanda Salis will break up the process of writing a research paper into a series of do-able steps, and will task you with completing each step between webinars.

If you complete your assigned tasks on time, you’ll receive feedback on the components of your paper that you drafted or wrote in that step, from Amanda and the other participants in the webinar series. There is a strong focus on presenting your research in a way that researchers in other fields and disciplines can readily understand, which can increase the likelihood that your research will have impact beyond the specifics of your own specialty. You’ll also have the opportunity to observe or give feedback to other participants about specific aspects of their emerging paper, thereby giving you greater insight into the process of writing a paper and expressing your ideas clearly and logically.

The 5 live webinars are held on consecutive Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are also recorded and made available to registrants within a few hours after completion of the webinar, for subsequent on-demand viewing.

By the end of the 5 webinars and associated writing tasks, participants are envisaged to have completed a draft of their paper ready for feedback from their Co-Authors.

Webinar 1 of 5 – Clarify your take-home message

This webinar will focus on defining and drafting the ‘take-home message’ of your paper, based on your research data. You’ll be encouraged to share your take-home message with the group at the webinar, via an online document that can be edited by all, so that you can receive feedback on what’s good, and what’s not.

The intention is that by the end of the webinar, you will have a pretty good draft of your paper’s take-home message, ready for feedback from your Co-Authors.

Webinar 2 of 5 – Write your Results and Materials / Methods sections

In this webinar you’ll be encouraged to write some of the Results and Materials / Methods sections of your paper, using the 5 writing techniques proven by linguistic research to promote flow (as outlined in the Write your paper in 2 weeks webinar series).
This webinar provides an opportunity to practice writing in a way that flows from the outset, and to be inspired by ways in which other researchers are applying the 5 writing techniques for flow in their papers.

Webinar 3 of 5 – Craft a compelling Introduction in an hour

In this webinar you will gain a clear understanding of exactly which angle you need to take in the Introduction section of your specific paper, based on discussions and feedback about your work during the webinar. The intention is that you will leave the webinar with a compelling outline of your paper’s Introduction, and this outline will enable you to confidently write and then polish a complete draft of your Introduction after the webinar.

Webinar 4 of 5 – Just do your Discussion

Start drafting you paper’s Discussion section during the webinar, ensuring it contains the 6 information types that linguistic research has uncovered in published Discussions. This webinar is designed to give you confidence and momentum with this section of your paper, which is a common source of procrastination for many researchers.

Webinar 5 of 5 – Title and Abstract

A time-effective way to write your paper’s Title and Abstract is to leave them to the end, when you’ve thought through all the details of your paper while composing all of its other sections.

In this shut-up-and-write-style webinar, you’ll be encouraged to write your Title and Abstract, and to give and receive feedback from other participants in the webinar about Title and Abstract drafts.

By speed writing, reading, and editing Titles and Abstracts in this session, the intention is that you will become more adept at encapsulating the most important conclusions or activities from your research into clear, accurate and catchy text.

Who is this webinar series for?

This webinar series is for anyone who has research data they would like to write up as a paper with any of the following structures:

  • IMRaD: Introduction, Materials / Methods, Results and Discussion
  • AIMRaD: Abstract, Introduction, Materials / Methods, Results and Discussion
  • AIRDaM: Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion and Materials / Methods
  • AIM(RaD)C: Abstract, Introduction, Materials / Methods, repeated Results and Discussion, Conclusion
This includes:
  • Honours students
  • Higher degree research students (e.g. Masters and PhD students)
  • Junior postdoctoral fellows
  • Anyone who wants to improve their confidence, efficiency and impact in writing original research into papers


  • You must have completed one of the following trainings: the Write your paper in 2 weeks webinar series, or the in-person Get your paper published workshop.
  • You must have a set of analyzed research data ready to write up as a paper. If you are still collecting research data for your paper, or if you have not yet finished analyzing and interpreting your data, your opportunities for participation in the assigned writing tasks between webinars will be limited.
  • You must have time to work on your paper between webinars. As a general guide, you will need a minimum average of 2.5 hours per day for 2 weeks (i.e. a minimum of 35 hours in total) to complete a high-quality draft of your paper that is ready for feedback from your Co-Authors.
  • You will need input from your Co-Authors in the week between Webinar 1 and Webinar 3. Specifically, you will need to show your Co-Authors the draft display items (e.g. figures and tables) that you plan to include in your paper, as well as your draft take-home message for your paper, and you will need their agreement that you are on the right track. This is best achieved in one to two face-to-face or video meetings with your Co-Authors, but can also be achieved via email communications. You may want to schedule some time with your Co-Authors for the first week of the webinar series to be help ensure you get the strategic feedback you need.

What you need at each webinar

  • A set of analyzed original research results that are ready to be written up as a paper.
  • Your draft to date of your original research paper / systematic review (not a narrative review). This is optional for Webinar 1 of 5, but for Webinar 2 of 5 onward you will need to bring your draft. Registrants will receive a guide and template to help them format their draft paper.
  • A computer and ergonomic workspace in which to write your paper.
  • Earphones (if you are joining / watching the webinars in a shared office).
  • Wi-Fi access.

Refunds and Cancellations

Please refer to our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

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