Thrill your NHMRC Investigator Grant reviewers

In this 2 x 2-hour training, Prof. Amanda Salis will share insider insights on writing successful applications for NHMRC Investigator Grants (formerly known as NHMRC fellowships), based on her personal experience of having won 5 NHMRC fellowships to fund her own research, as well as having directly helped 8 of her colleagues to win NHMRC fellowships (including 2 people who won NHMRC Investigator Grants in 2019).
While competition for NHMRC Investigator Grants is fierce (the overall success rate in 2019 was 13.2%), and while it’s clear that many outstanding applications will not be funded, this training will help you to be more visionary in your research plans moving forwards, and will help you to clearly demonstrate your vision in your application (consisting of your Grant Proposal and your application form in RGMS). This will not only make your application more thrilling for your reviewers to read, it will also help you to pin-point future research efforts that will be more likely to bring health benefits to the world.

Who is this training for?

Anyone from any institution who wants to optimize the writing of their NHMRC Investigator Grant application at any of the following levels: Emerging Leadership 1, Emerging Leadership 2, Leadership 1, or Leadership 2.

Training prerequisite


What you need at the training

  • The latest version of your resume (curriculum vitae, or CV).
  • Any drafts to date of your NHMRC Investigator Grant application.
  • A computer and ergonomic workspace in which to edit your application.
  • Earphones (if you are joining / watching the webinar in a shared office).
  • Wi-Fi access.

Refunds and Cancellations

Please refer to our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

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