Systematically review the literature

This 4.5-hour training by Prof. Amanda Salis will give you a step-by-step overview of how to confidently undertake a systematic literature review. Amanda has has had 13 systematic literature reviews published to date.

If you’re commencing research in a particular field, then reading systematic literature reviews in that field – or doing one yourself if there aren’t any of relevance – is one of the best ways to identify the most pressing gaps in current knowledge in that field. This helps to ensure that any subsequent efforts you or others undertake in that field of research will be more likely to have high impact.

Another benefit of learning systematic literature review techniques is that they help you to avoid forming or presenting biased views of current literature in any field, thereby enabling you to gain a closer understanding of the truth.

This training will equip you with a step-by-step overview of how to undertake a systematic literature review, including …

  • How to source the things you need to undertake a systematic literature review, including software and collaborators
  • How to ensure your systematic review process follows international best-practice guidelines
  • Mistakes to avoid so you can complete your systematic literature review as time-effectively as possible
  • How to determine if the data you find in your literature search is suitable – or not – for subsequent meta-analysis
  • Understand the meaning of all the essential elements of systematic reviews, so you can write the methods and results sections of your resultant review paper correctly and confidently

Who is this training for?

Any researcher from any institution who wishes to conduct (or supervise the conduct of) a systematic literature review to advance their research.

Training prerequisite