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Respond convincingly to peer reviewers

In this 60-minute training, Prof. Amanda Salis will walk you through the DOs and DONT’s of preparing your response to the peer reviewers, drawn from her experience of getting over 200 research papers published in international peer review journals. She will also share with you her 10-step strategy (with template) to help reduce the angst of responding to peer reviewer comments.


“The tools to help with the process are great. Amanda’s very honest and encouraging approach to this topic gives me confidence knowing that everyone finds the process challenging (not just me!), and that I can navigate it successfully.” ~Karen Luke, Australia

“So timely. I have sent my first ever paper to be reviewed and (am) waiting for the feedback – I now feel I have a great strategy to deal with the process of rebuttal.” ~Rosalyn Muir, Australia

(What I liked most about this training was) “The tips based on the presenter’s own experience.” ~Tomas Lopez, USA

Who is this training for?

Anyone from any institution and research field who wants to optimize the effectiveness, speed and comfort they feel in responding to peer reviewers’ comments on their research paper, thereby maximizing their chances of getting the paper published and minimising the angst associated with the process.

This training is targeted to researchers who feel new to responding to peer reviewers’ comments (e.g., 5 or fewer papers published in peer review journals).

This includes …

  • Honours students and other undergraduates
  • Higher degree research students (e.g., Masters and PhD students)
  • Postdoctoral researchers