2.9 Implement ideas for eliciting fast feedback from your co-authors

Preparing a research paper is bit like running a relay (or series of relays). You may start a relay with the paper (batten) in your hand, but the paper will need to be passed to others in your co-author team to finish the relay.

For example, you’ll need feedback from your co-authors on your paper’s proposed display items and draft take-home message before you can refine the take-home message and get stuck into writing the paper.

Later in the process, once you’ve finished the complete draft of your paper, you’ll need feedback from your co-authors so you can improve the paper in ready for submission to a peer review journal.

Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

On the following pages you’ll find some ideas that may help in eliciting fast(er) feedback from your co-authors when you need it.

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