1.1 Get your authorship position on your paper settled from the outset

Writing a research paper and shepherding it through the journey to eventual publication is a lot of work.

Before putting in all that work on a paper, take time to check in with your proposed key Co-Authors about authorship and authorship positions (see the last page of this sub-step for ideas on how to do that).

Authors on a research paper are people who contributed to that paper. Some journals have defined specific criteria for authorship (click here for an example). If you’re going to put in the hard yards of writing a research paper and seeing it through to publication, I (Amanda) think you should definitely be an author, but some research groups disagree, so check with your colleagues first.

Authorship position refers to the order in which the names of the authors appear on the paper.

Once authorship and authorship position for the proposed paper have been established, in writing, make sure you’re happy with your own authorship position on the paper before investing that amount of time and energy into the paper.

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