Jump start your meta-analysis

This 4-hour hands-on training, with step-by-step instructions and a fully-functional trial license for Stata software, will give you a high-level overview of how to confidently undertake a meta-analysis.

Meta-analyses (including meta-regressions) have become essential tools for researchers in diverse fields – from biology and medicine to social sciences, engineering and more. They enable researchers to combine the results from a number of different studies, thereby providing more definitive insights as to whether certain conditions have particular effects.

Papers with meta-analyses, often lead to highly cited research publications that can change practice or the direction of future research. Because of this, some research funding bodies have now started demanding prior meta-analyses as a condition of awarding grants.

This training is led by Prof. Amanda Salis. Amanda has had 13 systematic literature reviews (8 of which contained meta-analyses) published to date.

This training will equip you with a high-level yet step-by-step overview of how to undertake a meta-analysis, including…

  • How to determine if the data you find in your literature search is suitable – or not – for subsequent meta-analysis.
  • Understand the theoretical essentials of meta-analysis.
  • Understand the process of uploading, arranging, and managing data sets for meta-analysis.
  • Become familiar with simple meta-analysis functions in STATA.
  • Gain an understanding of how to identify sources of heterogeneity in the data.
  • Know how to go about graphing, interpreting and reporting meta-analytical data for publication.
  • Understand the meaning of essential elements of meta-analyses, so that you can write the methods and results sections of your paper correctly and confidently.

Who is this training for?

Researchers who wish to conduct meta-analyses, including meta-regression to advance their research.

This includes…

  • Honours students
  • Higher degree research students (e.g., Masters and PhD students)
  • Junior postdoctoral fellows
  • Senior researchers

Training prerequisite

An understanding of essential statistical concepts, such as those outlined in the following training: Brush up on essential stats.

What you need at the training

  • A computer with STATA software already installed on it. We will send registrants a license key to a fully-functional trial of STATA software before the training, with clear instructions on how to download and install it on their computer. 


  • STATA knowledge is not essential as we will provide you the instructions for meta-analysis however it would be beneficial for you to become familiar with STATA before the training. We have a Get Started With STATA training session for people who are not familiar with STATA.
  • Your own data that you can analyze at the training. Sample data will also be provided.