Get your fellowship funded

In this 90-minute training, Prof. Amanda Salis will outline key features of successful applications for scholarships, fellowships, prizes and promotions.
While a solid list of academic achievements is an undeniable aspect of a successful application, the way your write about your achievements can make or break your application.

Come along to the training and learn how to showcase your achievements to their best advantage, maximizing your chances of success in your next application.

Who is this training for?

Anyone from any institution who wants to optimize the writing of their scholarship, fellowship, prize or promotion application(s), thereby maximizing their chances of success.

Training prerequisite


What to bring to the training

  • The latest version of your resume (curriculum vitae, or CV)
  • Any draft scholarship, fellowship, prize or promotion application that you are currently writing
  • Something to write with

Training schedule

Session 1 (40 minutes)

  • The good news about fellowship applications
  • Why you need to write your application like a “Superhero’s Story”
  • How to present your past, present and proposed research like a Superhero’s Story in your application
Break 1 / brainstorming (10 minutes)

Session 2 (40 minutes)

  • 12 simple steps to make your application stand out even more
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