Take you by the hand paper-writing service

This service guides you through a step-by-step process in the writing of your research paper, tailored to your specific needs. We provide consulting for original research papers, including systematic reviews with meta-analyses, as well as for systematic reviews*.

At the end of this service, you will have written a research paper that integrates all feedback from your co-authors, and which is ready for peer review by a reputable international journal. Moreover, you will have learned the paper-writing process so that you can apply it in the writing of your next paper. 

Using a combination of video meetings and specific feedback on sections of your paper as you write them, we’ll will show you how to plan and write each section of your paper in a systematic, do-able way. You’ll receive feedback on each section of your writing within 48 hours, with clear instructions for your next step.

Our consulting is by application only. Given the intensity of this process, we would only enter into this service with you if we believe we can help you write a paper that will be publishable in a reputable international peer-reviewed journal.

Email us or click the Contact button below to find out if you’re eligible.

*Please note that we do not provide consulting for narrative reviews.

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