Salis Institute paper-writing scholarships

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These scholarships are designed to encourage promising researchers who are doing research that has the potential to improve their field or community. The scholarships allow for free entry to the Salis Institute’s March 2021 Write your paper in 2 weeks training series (5 Zooms). By the end of the 5 Zooms and associated writing tasks in the training series, participants are envisaged to have completed a professionally-structured draft of their paper ready for feedback from their co-authors.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must have a set of analyzed research data that is ready to be written up as a paper.

Selection criteria

  • The clarity and cohesion of the applicant’s take-home message for their proposed research paper (80% of the mark). Applicants are strongly encouraged to follow the open-access (free) instructions in Steps 1 and 2 of our online training titled Write your paper in order to write their paper’s take-home message. These instructions will assist applicants in writing a take-home message that is clear and cohesive.
  • The potential of the proposed research paper to make a positive difference to the field or community, as judged by its take-home message (20% of the mark).

Conditions of award

  1. The name of scholarship recipients will be listed on the Salis Institute website (past award recipients).
  2. A link to the publicly-accessible abstract for the scholarship recipient’s paper, once published in a peer-reviewed research journal, will be listed on the Salis Institute website, in association with the scholarship recipient’s name.

Application due date

Sunday 28 February 2021 (02:00) Coordinated Universal Time (see it in your device’s time zone).

How to apply

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For questions about Salis Institute paper-writing scholarships, please contact us.