Salis Institute

The Salis Institute was founded by Amanda and Zubeyir Salis in January 2019.

The institute mission is to furnish emerging researchers with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to reach their full potential for a career involving research.

Amanda and Zubeyir have a combined total of over 50 years’ experience in research and technology. Having been applauded for their mentoring by people within their own teams, their mentoring was often sought by people outside their immediate teams. This led them to develop a series of popular workshops and ‘brown bag’ sessions to develop workforce capacity, which they have provided regularly since 2010. In light of the success of these events, they decided to make their expert mentoring available to researchers around Australia and the world; hence the Salis Institute was born.

The funds generated by the Salis Institute are used to provide grants and infrastructure to support the best and brightest researchers.

By teaching proven, step-by-step strategies to prepare and write essential research outputs (e.g. publishable research papers, successful applications for research funding), and by providing grants for promising researchers, the Salis Institute strives to enable talented researchers from around the world to lead innovative research that improves lives.