Building independent researchers

We’re helping the research stars of tomorrow to become independent –

with expert insights and step-by-step strategies from today’s leading researchers.


More impact in less time

You’re sitting in front of your screen, you know something’s wrong with your writing, but you don’t know how to fix it.

Sound familiar?

Our workshops give you everything you need to write high impact papers and winning applications – confidently and time efficiently, with proven protocols.

Reach the top

Got great ideas but don’t know how to transform them into winning applications and publications?

We take you by the hand and mentor you to prepare funded grant applications (including scholarships and fellowships), winning applications for prizes, promotions, or positions, or high-impact published papers.



  • Get your paper published
  • Boost your research track record
  • Systematically review the literature
  • Master the essentials of meta-analysis
  • Present your systematic review and meta-analysis clearly and rigorously
  • Present on the podium with panache
  • Revamp your resume
  • Get your fellowship funded


  • Resume Review
  • Applications judged on the person
    • Scholarships
    • Prizes
    • Fellowships (e.g. NHMRC Investigator Grants)
    • Promotions (e.g. to Professor)
  • Applications judged on the idea
    • NHMRC Ideas Grants
    • Other research grants
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
    • Original research
    • Systematic reviews (with or without meta-analyses)
    • Narrative reviews

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  • Salis Institute Steps to Independence  Grants (March 2021 scholarships are now announced in Past Award Winners Page. )
  • Salis Institute Paper-Writing Scholarships

Applications are now closed.

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